Why Five-Hour Projects?

Here you can learn about the software projects that accomplish more with less:

  • Small projects that are useful to many people
  • Hobby projects that people do with little time on their hands
  • Useful side projects that businesses do besides their core work

Most of these projects take more than five hours in total. The point is:

  • They can be sustainable with a time budget of five hours per week or less
  • They can be planned in five-hour increments or less
  • They can operate on a similarly small money budget
  • They still provide significant value, be it business benefit or just fun

I’d like to encourage you to take on such projects. It doesn’t matter if you have little time or money to spare. If you know it’s a good thing to do, go ahead and do it.

I picked five hours for a number because:

  • I want to give you a nice number that you can easily see in your calendar
  • It is easy for some people to find one hour a day for a side project
  • It is easier for others to find five hours on a weekend

Learn how others do it, and I hope you will get some inspiration for your own projects.

This post was written by Valentyn Danylchuk, the editor of Five-Hour Projects. You can also publish guest posts here, suggest projects to write about, or get interviewed – contact val@fivehourprojects.com

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