Welcome to Five-Hour Projects!

Valentyn Danylchuk, editor

You always wanted to do this. Make a phone app, write a book, start a blog, build a boat, play in a band. Smile again, breathe fresh air, do what you like and live a happy, fulfilled life.

But you have responsibilities. You have work and chores to do, you have a busy schedule and never seem to find the time for your dreams. How can you do that, when you always have to run, and still hardly keep up with your necessary tasks?

You envy those other people who manage to do these fun things. You hear a colleague talking about a hobby project, or you see the photos your friend shared, or read someone’s blog about cooking, or see someone on TV who goes rock climbing, and you think, “Wish I could find the time. I wonder how these people do that?”

I don’t have an easy answer for you. And no, I don’t have a solution to sell, either. I have the same problem, I think I have some ideas on how to tackle it, and I’m willing to learn from other people, including you. That’s why I started a blog about small projects that people manage to do despite being as busy as you and I.

In this blog, I will write about examples of small projects and interview their authors, so that you can learn their productivity, creativity and motivation secrets.

You might ask, “Why five hours?” I wrote a permanent page to answer that:

Why Five-Hour Projects?

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This post was written by Valentyn Danylchuk, the editor of Five-Hour Projects. You can also publish guest posts here, suggest projects to write about, or get interviewed – contact val@fivehourprojects.com



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2 comments on “Welcome to Five-Hour Projects!
  1. Greg says:

    Great idea Valentyn
    I look forward to your suggestions
    Cutting big problems in to smaller easily manageable pieces works for me
    Greg recently posted…Managed VPS Hosting is it For YouMy Profile

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