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Hello dear new reader! Here are some of the best posts you can find here. For a general introduction, you can also read Welcome to Five-Hour Projects!

Best interviews:

Sergei Pavliuk, First ABCs — Three Apps in Three Days
Sergei shares some unique experience and advice about doing a hobby project as a team, and organizing it in a very short time with good results. I think many hobbyists will find this useful.

Mike Meyer, Arduino RC Hovercraft
This site is not only about pure software projects. Mike shares excellent tips for the beginners who want to get into electronics and robotics, for example Arduino hovercraft.

Andrey Kuzmenko, Free Writing Service
Andrey’s description of his schedule and attitude is really inspiring. Also he recommends some very good books. And his free writing technique is also interesting and potentially useful to any creative person.

Best articles:

I found out that finding time is a very common problem for hobbyists. So here is a series of articles about finding the time for your project.

How to Find the Time Part I: Get on the Go
How to find more time in your week with mobile technology and careful planning.

How to Find the Time Part II: The Three Ways
Three general approaches to allocating the time for your project. Pick the one that matches your style, goals and situation better.

How to Find the Time Part III: How Much Time Do You Need?
Reduce the amount of time you need by managing the project scope and maximizing your productivity.

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