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How to Find the Time Part II: The Three Ways

Last week, I wrote about finding more time using mobile technology. Today, I want to suggest three approaches to scheduling the main working time for your projects. There are multiple tricks and techniques beyond these, but they should give you

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Interview: Sergei Pavliuk, First ABCs – Three Apps in Three Days

Sometimes it pays to concentrate and do the whole project in one rush. That’s the approach Sergei Pavliuk chose for his First ABCs app. First ABCs is a freeware educational iPhone app for kids and parents who want to learn

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Time Management Advice From Top Bloggers

I’m not a big fan of “links of the week” type posts, but these three articles are so good, I would not sleep well if I didn’t share them with you. They are focused on blogging — which is one

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How to Find the Time Part I: Get on the Go

You really want to start your own project, and you have all the skills and knowledge to do it. You even wrote down your ideas, discussed them with a friend or two, and it all looks promising — but how

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Game Project: Rainbow Land

Rainbow Land is a small freeware board game I wrote for iPhone. It has a game field (“land”) painted in different colors, and you paint your land (starting from the lower left corner) in a new color every turn to

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Welcome to Five-Hour Projects!

You always wanted to do this. Make a phone app, write a book, start a blog, build a boat, play in a band. Smile again, breathe fresh air, do what you like and live a happy, fulfilled life. But you

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