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Interview: TimeWheel Sports Timer App, Gennadii Dudarek

Sometimes, the people around us can be a source of inspiration towards our success. That’s what happened to Gennadii Dudarek, who ended up creating an iOS application because there was no suitable existing app for his wife. TimeWheel is a

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Interview: Garage Barge Social Bookmarking Site, Richard Jackson

What do you do when you find yourself frustratedly repeating the same Google searches, looking for that article you know was there before? Yes, that’s what bookmarks are for. But what if you use several computers, and also want to

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Interview: Work-Related Project as a Hobby, Willy Tchi-Yuan Ha

As I wrote before, a work-related topic can be a great choice for a hobby project. That’s what Willy Tchi-Yuan Ha from Montreal did. Unfortunately, Willy cannot disclose too many details about the project so far, but he can share

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Poll Results: Best Books to Learn Programming While Having Fun

Where do you start if you want to learn programming as a hobby? It really helps to have some friends in the field, but a good book is also important. And there are thousands of programming books, so which ones

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Interview: Herculeum Rogue-Like Game, Tuukka Turto

Herculeum (or pyherc, as the project was initially called) is a simple dungeon adventure game, where the player explores randomly generated dungeons. Currently there are only a few basic features ready. The author, Tuukka Turto, is gradually adding new things

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Interview: DropBox Alternative as a Learning Project, Jonathan Speight

A hobby project is often the best way to learn new skills, in particular, software technology. That’s the way Jonathan Speight, a 21 years old programmer from Southampton, UK chose for extending his C# proficiency. Jonathan’s project aims “to facilitate

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How to Find the Time Part III: How Much Time Do You Need?

How much time do you really need for your project? Did you seriously think about it? Before discarding your idea saying “I don’t have the time”, try to estimate it and think if you can make it faster. In the

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Interview: Andrey Kuzmenko, Free Writing Service

Have you ever been stuck with your next blog post, or a letter, or some document you needed to write? That’s the problem that, a project by Andrey Kuzmenko, is trying to solve. It can help you overcome the

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Poll Results: Who Needs Time for Hobby Projects?

I ran a poll in several programming-focused Linkedin groups, asking “Do you wish you could find some time for a hobby project?”: (You can still vote in the Five-Hour Projects group until May 2015) The poll was received with enthusiasm,

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Interview: Mike Meyer, Arduino RC Hovercraft

Did you see the amazing RC (radio controlled) toys you can buy today? What is even more amazing is that you can build one yourself, revisiting some science and engineering knowledge in the process. I can only imagine what it

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